Music can give a name to the unnameable and communicate the unknown. I am 21 years old, I am originally from Aldea Barraneché in the department of Totonicapán and I feel very grateful for the support you give me to continue my studies.

I have been able to lead and teach students in my community efficiently promoting culture, art and music, and support the Artistic Expression course at the Technological Institute of the UVG. Currently I am part of the directive for the creation of clubs in the campus altiplano. 

I work as a freelance musician with a marimba group, saxophonist, soloist and I give private lessons to children, youth and adults. Thanks to what I have learned at UVG I have improved my way of sharing and teaching my knowledge and I have broadened the way of visualizing musical education. 

 This year 2022 I received the diploma of recognition of “Honor to Merit” for my performance as a student during the year 2021.