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About Sara Tomasa Hernández Riquiac


I am 21 years old, I am the last of three children, originally from Chichicastenango department of Quiché.  At the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala I have gained a lot of academic knowledge that has contributed to my development and growth as a professional, besides it has shaped me to be a student who always seeks excellence.  The training I have received at UVG has allowed me to get a job as a teacher in a school in my community. I was in charge of the school reinforcement and early stimulation, I had several students with severe learning difficulties.  I [...]

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About Heyro Pedro Vásquez Sulugüí


Music can give a name to the unnameable and communicate the unknown. I am 21 years old, I am originally from Aldea Barraneché in the department of Totonicapán and I feel very grateful for the support you give me to continue my studies. I have been able to lead and teach students in my community efficiently promoting culture, art and music, and support the Artistic Expression course at the Technological Institute of the UVG. Currently I am part of the directive for the creation of clubs in the campus altiplano.  I work as a freelance musician with a marimba group, saxophonist, [...]

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About Luis David García Estacuy


I am 25 years old, I am originally from Sololá, I live with my grandparents.  They have helped who I am until now.   I have to say that I am fascinated by my career, the field is one of my passions, I also like mechanics and sports a lot.  In UVG, I have learned a lot about my career, but one of the values that is responsibility.  This value is important when you are producing because the animals and plants need our care daily, so it is necessary to work and take care of them.  Thanks to God and [...]

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About Rosa María Pablo Cortéz


I am 22 years old, I live in San Andrés Semetabaj in an orphanage in the department of Sololá.  I feel very happy studying tourism, because the courses and activities we do are very interesting and I have had the opportunity to enrich my knowledge and share experiences with new people which has been very satisfying for me. In addition, I have participated in volunteering, workshops and in the UVG race.  I really like to address important issues such as culture, women and local cuisine. Currently, we are delivering final projects to conclude this semester and preparing to carry out [...]

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About Lilia Judith Meneses Marin


About Lilia Judith Meneses Marin Lilia Judith Meneses Marin is one of fourteen students receiving a Berkley Cone Fund Scholarship this semester. Lilia is studying in the Teaching Program specializing in Mathematics and Computer Sciences. My family consists of my three children, my mother and my husband. My children are Erick Estuardo, 14 years old, Angel Julian, 12 years old and my youngest daughter Katerin Mishell, 10 years old. My husband works for a hotel in the municipality of Panajachel. I study, take care of my children and my 80-year-old mother. My family has been a fundamental part of this [...]

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About Benjamin Alexander Meletz Roquet


About Benjamin Alexander Meletz Roquet “My goal is to graduate and fulfill my dream of becoming an Agroforestry Engineer,” says Benjamin. It hasn’t been an easy journey." Benjamin began studying civil engineering in Quetzaltenango but had to stop after 4 semesters. His father, a retired teacher, lost his job at a Christian bookstore and could no longer help pay for his son’s studies. Benjamin worked for a while, then began a five year program in Agroforestry studies at the Universidad del Valle, at their Highlands campus. Two years later he graduated as an Agroforestry technician, but at the same time [...]

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