I am 25 years old, I am originally from Sololá, I live with my grandparents.  They have helped who I am until now.   I have to say that I am fascinated by my career, the field is one of my passions, I also like mechanics and sports a lot. 

In UVG, I have learned a lot about my career, but one of the values that is responsibility.  This value is important when you are producing because the animals and plants need our care daily, so it is necessary to work and take care of them. 

Thanks to God and the effort I have made, I have managed to open many doors and learn that the way you give is the way you receive. I am currently working on my graduation project entitled “Evaluation of two types of management for the breeding of capon roosters (gallus gallus domesticus), compared to conventionally managed roosters, in the municipality of Sololá”. It is an area that I am passionate about, the subject of animals is my forte and I think there is a lot of field to cover.

Currently, I am involved in my own projects of animals and orchards, from time to time some consulting to producers to help them with their crops. I have the desire to be part of the teachers’ staff at the University, I think I can contribute to be more passionate about the field and Agroforestry.