About Lilia Judith Meneses Marin

Lilia Judith Meneses Marin is one of fourteen students receiving a Berkley Cone Fund Scholarship this semester. Lilia is studying in the Teaching Program specializing in Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

My family consists of my three children, my mother and my husband. My children are Erick Estuardo, 14 years old, Angel Julian, 12 years old and my youngest daughter Katerin Mishell, 10 years old. My husband works for a hotel in the municipality of Panajachel. I study, take care of my children and my 80-year-old mother.

My family has been a fundamental part of this process that I started two years ago, my children are my main engine that motivate me every day and they see me as an example of perseverance, so I do not give up.

One of the new learning experiences I have had is the use of the microscope in the area of Natural Sciences. I learned to manipulate and observe the pollen that three different species of flowers have: Rosa, Lirio and Tigrillo. This activity was carried out with the objective of understanding that all species are different.

Another very gratifying experience this year has been to receive recognition from the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala of the Altiplano campus, as an outstanding student, I obtained one of the best averages of the career. This recognition motivates me to continue fighting to achieve my dream of graduating from one of the best universities.

All the knowledge that I acquire in my classes I put into practice with the students of the Instituto de Educación Básica por Cooperativa, in San Andrés Semetabaj, where I work. For this I thank the University and the donors who invest in Guatemalan education, which is giving me the opportunity to improve. Thank you very much for your support.