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About Andrea Yolanda Archila Vega


I am the Local Economic Development Component Coordinator at Tzolojya Commonwealth, a non-governmental organization located in Sololá. Thanks to the Paiz Riera and UVG scholarships, I studied and graduated with a Bachelor 's Degree in Tourism Administration from the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala on the Altiplano campus. Despite the fact that the scholarship fully covered the cost of my studies, my main challenge as a student was covering my travel expenses, as well as balancing time for study and work, since the classes were all in-person, on campus. The effort was worth it: the degree and the academic level [...]

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About Marcos Joaquín de la Cruz Hernández


Thanks to the Calvin Hughes scholarship, I completed a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems Technology. I applied for the scholarship at the same time as taking my UVG admission exam. While completing my degree, I faced various challenges. I saw them as steps or levels to overcome, because each semester of study brought its own challenges. I had the opportunity to participate in different events hosted by the Guatemalan Chamber of Industry, and together with my colleagues managed to win the competitions. I was also part of various symposiums in favor of saving Lake Atitlán. Studying at the Universidad del [...]

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